Sunday, March 15, 2009

oh, spring

So nice to see you again, groovy green growing season.

I think that maybe spring is a better time for resolutions than January 1st. Time to stretch up tall and come out of hibernation. Time to turn our faces to the sun and wiggle our toes in the dirt.

I'm resolving (again, sure, but that's ok) to do more of what's good for me. Not as much of what's easy and comfortable, though there are times when that's inescapably attractive. But I'm shown consistently that certain things, lovely nourishing things that I desperately hide from and have to push myself to do, make my life exponentially better.

Motion and creation. Stepping outside the circle.

When I write, when I play with art supplies, when I move this body that I live in, when I leave home even though it feels like such hard work, good things happen. When I don't, I'm thinking that I should. And this takes more energy than the doing. Avoidance is exhausting. Stretching lets the light in~


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for spring and all that it brings :)
You so right that avoidance is exhausting.
May your light shine bright.

Anna said...

It's funny, it seems like knowing how tiring it is to avoid good things would just translate into our DOING THEM. But, ha!

Thanks, dearie~ sending sunshine your way.

lily said...

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