Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new fun things hooray

The art fair season is officially under way, and I'm having fun with some new additions to my booth... mostly these! --->

I've only made a few, but as soon as my next order of glass tiles arrives, I'll be playing in the studio and making more of these pendants, using various images from my photographs.


They're fun to make~ very gratifying. And I really enjoy the process of playing around with different images. Some photos I'd planned on using turned out to look pretty dumb, and others surprised me in a very happy kind of way.

(A few are up in my Etsy shop! And I can make custom ones with kid pictures, pet pictures, etc. Snazzy!)


Anonymous said...

Those glass tile pendants are pretty nifty. But I have two questions.

What do you do with them? If I give someone one of these as a gift, I'm sure they'll ask.

And would you be willing to use someone else's photograph? My sister has a baby who'd look adorable in a 7/8" pendant.

Anna said...

Dear Anonymous,

The silver bail that's attached to the back of the pendant can be used with any chain, ribbon, or cord of the wearer's choosing. :)

And I'd be more than happy to create a custom piece! A digital image can be sent via e-mail, and I'll mail the finished pendant anywhere it might need to travel.

Thanks for asking!

Anna said...

I should add~ if one were to request a custom piece, a good way to do this is through my Etsy shop. (thehappydabbler.etsy.com) Click on the contact button and send a message with a photo attached. :)

parTea lady said...

Your pendants are very nice. I love that you can personalize them.

Steph said...

I agree - they are very nice, Anna! I'm so excited to see them at the market! And thanks for the link to that gorgeous print!

Anna said...

Thank you, Steph and parTea lady!! :)

cake said...

these are wonderful! i really love them.

it was so fun to run into you at the greenhouse, and to finally meet you! i heard my sweetie and little one ran into you the NEXT DAY at griffy lake! serendipity!

hopefully i will see you at a craft fair this summer too.

趙又廷Kirk said...
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