Friday, December 11, 2009

guerilla art fairy, that's me

I like to make stuff. I especially like to not make the *same* stuff all the time. One thing I'd been wanting to do for a while was to paint rocks, so I finally did.

I went to May's Greenhouse and picked out some nicely-shaped landscaping stones and brought them home and, well... they sat around for a while. (I'm really good at collecting supplies, but there is often a gap between the acquisition and the creating.)

The first day that I did anything with the rocks, Matt called just after I started in. He asked what I'd done so far that day, and was perhaps a bit less than impressed when I told him that I'd painted half a rock blue. "I could paint half a rock blue," he said.

Several rocks were painted (with a coat of gesso first, which makes the colors turn out better) and words were added with a paint pen (I HEART PAINT PENS) and suddenly I had a big jumble of inspiring, brightly-colored reminder stones. Silly me, though, things were so busy that I failed to take a photo of them all together. In any case, a few sold at the Holiday Market, two are in "my" bedroom at Matt's house, one is in my studio at Matt's, two are destined to be stocking stuffers, and one...

One was placed in a place, and has hopefully been found by now.

We went back to May's a few days ago and I gathered another armful of cold, smoothish, roundish stones. They've all had a coat of gesso, and one coat of color on one side, and I hope to commit some random acts of art on Sunday. Keep an eye out as you walk around town~ there may be little treasures here and there.


Whosyergurl said...

I love Mays! (And equally love "Happy Valley" as I call it- my friend Seth is the owner, and my other friend Jeanna)Bloomington Valley Nursery) and I must be neighbors. :)
The one thing I love about art is that you are always growing and evolving. So, you left a random rock somwhere that someone might find it? Cool!
Happy painting!

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

Random acts of art - I LOVE this! awesome idea.

Anna said...

Thank you for enjoying this with me, ladies! :)

Steph said...

Love the idea, and LOVE that you're spreading it!!

*Jamie* said...

Your full of kindness. The world needs more of you!

MILLY said...

Thankyou for visiting my drawings from nature and your lovely comment.
I have been enjoying your beautiful photographs.

趙又廷Kirk said...
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