Wednesday, January 28, 2009

light and shadow

The sweetness that I wrote about recently came quickly and unceremoniously to a halt. All that beauty? A bit smooshed and smudged at the moment. I'm standing knee-deep in sad and mad and confused, trying to keep some healthy perspective. You know how things that you really wanted, things that are shiny and new, can become so quickly mundane? As much as I try not to take my good fortune for granted, the blessings of physical comfort and security can't quite compensate for a bruised heart. It sucks, but it's true.

For some reason, I hesitate to say these things... but I find that telling (and hearing) what is actually true is the best way to go. And today, literally snowed in and stuck with myself, I'm also remembering that the more I can soften towards myself, the softer I feel about everyone and everything else.


Anonymous said...

The world is a hard place on sensitive souls.

But bruises fade, Anna, even those on our hearts.

Anna said...

Thank you~ both very true statements, indeed.

lily said...

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