Thursday, July 9, 2009

and now it's july

How I wish I could share photos and video clips of the baby here~ when I'm the mama, I will... it's just hard to be patient about it sometimes. I have the nanny version of "always a bridesmaid."

Anyhow, what I can and will share today is this sweet old summertime picture of me and my childhood friend Wendy, and my first dog, Minnie. Homemade grape juice popsicles. Claymont. What a magical place that was~ I'll have to write more about it some time soon.

I'm happy and busy and distracted and sleepy and twitterpated. Grateful for a very fun weekend, looking forward to ever more fun and spontaneity, dreaming up little getaways and parties and surprises and adventures...

And now I hear Mr. Sleepyhead waking up and making funny noises. Happy July, dearies.


cake said...

what a beautiful photo. wow. really nice. i want to hear about that magical place.

we haven't made near enough juice popsicles this summer. thanks for the reminder.

Steph said...

Hi! Wow - that is an AMAZING photo! So evocative of that experience, of having sticky popsicle juice dripping down a tummy.

lily said...

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